Hearty, wholesome fare at Grain Traders can only mean a wide selection of all your favourites to choose from. Besides the grains that form the base of our meal, proteins are an integral part of what we serve here, and they’re what keeps us energised throughout our day. We’ve rounded up three of our most popular proteins to share with you how we’re feeding you right.

Seared Marinated Tuna
80-100g / Dairy-Free

Add a delightful treat to your meal with our Seared Marinated Tuna, this is a definite must-try for all fish lovers. Perfectly cooked on the outside, while still juicy in the center, our tuna is marinated with a combination of onion, garlic, Kikkoman soy sauce, orange juice and sherry vinegar, before being carefully seared with salt, pepper and olive oil for full flavour.

Known for being rich in protein and low in saturated fats, tuna is packed with omega-3 and magnesium, and is often recommended by nutritionists for that all-important protein fix.

Our executive chef, Gisela Golding adds that the Seared Marinated Tuna is one of our crowd favourites mainly because of “its freshness and simple way of cooking which retains all nutrients and natural flavours.”

Grass-Fed Beef Flank Parrillada
80-100g / 100 days grass fed

For those with a taste for red meat, our Grass-Fed Beef Flank Parrillada—cooked with tomatoes, onions and peppers will hit the spot. This dish was first introduced to Grain Traders as a monthly special and is now a permanent addition to our menu after the huge demand and popularity that was received from our customers.

“We decided to add red meat to our menu because of the huge source of iron and vitamin B12 that comes from it. Red meat contains a large amount of protein as well.” Gisela mentioned.

The flank steak is prepared fresh, daily and marinated for 24 hours with a mixture of fresh jalapeños, coriander, cumin, lemon and extra virgin olive oil before being grilled over real charcoal for that smoky, chargrilled flavour that we all love. Think: pink, juicy and tasty meat that is good for the soul and packs a punch in every bite. 

Sous-vide & Chargrilled Salmon
80-100g / Dairy-Free

A go-to protein that goes well with anything that you choose to #MixEatLove, our Sous-vide & Chargrilled Salmon has always been a mainstay on the menu.

Gisela shares that this protein was chosen “for its popularity and the high nutritional level that the salmon contains. Salmon is also a good source of phosphorus, vitamin B12 and B6. It’s also rich in omega-3—our daily diet essential.”

Prepared lovingly with extra care and effort, each salmon is cleaned, deboned, filleted and portioned. It is then marinated with Donburi sauce and sous-vide for 25 minutes before being seared on the grill. The result? A golden-brown exterior with a core that’s fork-tender and melts in your mouth.

Give any of these proteins a try the next time you join us for a meal at our CapitaGreen (Monday-Friday) or 100AM (Monday-Sunday) outlets from 11AM-8PM.

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