Last month, we brought together three of our most popular proteins at #GrainTraders to show you what goes into our #SlowFoodRealFast. This time, we’re turning the attention to our cold veggies with a selection of the crowd’s usual go-to options. These cold veggies, with their light, refreshing flavours, add some balance and contrast to the meals we all like to #MixEatLove.

House-cured Cauliflower Pickle (50g)
Gluten-free, vegetarian

If you’ve been with Grain Traders since the day we started, you would have come across our House-cured Cucumber Pickle, inspired by Cambodian culture. Don’t worry—the well-loved Cucumber Pickle is still available on the menu, but now we’ve got a House-Cured Cauliflower Pickle to add even more of a crunch to your meal.

Inspired by the flavours in Indian cuisine, and spiced with a combination of turmeric, chili, and mustard seeds, the Cauliflower Pickle is more than just a pretty taste. “The cauliflower is one of the most versatile and healthy vegetables that is available, and is rich in vitamin C and K,” says Gisela Golding, executive chef at Grain Traders. Cauliflowers are also known for their anti-inflammatory effect and help your heart as well.

Mixed Bean Pico de Gallo (50g)
Gluten-free, vegetarian

Take your taste buds on a journey the next time you join us for lunch or dinner with our Mixed Bean Pico de Gallo, a dish that comes from the roots of two of our founders, Javier Perez and Joshua Adjodha, who are originally from Puerto Rico, and our executive chef, Gisela, who grew up in Venezuela. “Beans are a huge part of our meals, like in all the Caribbean areas,” Gisela says. “They are so versatile and can be prepared in many different ways. In our version, we paired it with pico de gallo salad, bringing out a Latin flavour as a fresh alternative.”

Furthermore, beans are known to be low in fat and help in the balancing of the sugar levels in our body. They are also rich in proteins and are a perfect substitution of the proteins that are usually found in meat, making them a great option for anyone who follows a strict vegetarian or vegan diet. 

Apple Kimchi (50g) 

Our Apple Kimchi forms an interesting first impression with its unique combination of flavours. The pairing of apple and kimchi might not sound immediately appealing, but you’d be surprised by how it tastes sweet, fresh, and spicy all at once. Kimchi, traditionally made with salted and fermented vegetables, is a staple for every meal in Korea, and has become increasingly popular over the years.

“We chose kimchi, most importantly, because of its nutritional value,” Gisela says. Known for its high fibre content,  kimchi is loaded with a high amount of vitamin A, B, and C and helps greatly in our digestion. 

The benefits of kimchi play a huge role in this dish, and, combined with the juicy, tart flavour of the apples, results in a delightful crunch that is both delicious and good for you.

There’s even more to explore on the Grain Traders menu—take your pick from these cold veggies, and create your own meal with your choice of grains, proteins, hot veggies, toppings, and sauces. Join us for a meal at #GrainTraders from 11AM–8PM at our CapitaGreen (Monday-Friday) or 100AM (Monday-Sunday) outlets.