Over the course of two weeks, we set out to craft, create and produce three short videos that would show how certain dishes here at Grain Traders are made; specifically, the Apple Kimchi, Sous-vide and Chargrilled Salmon, and Slow Roasted Pork. The videos will be released on our Instagram in the weeks to come, but for now, here’s a little look behind the scenes at how it all happened. 

While we hope to be able to create more of these videos in the future, we started out with these three dishes because we felt that they were created using techniques that might not be found in your everyday, regular kitchen. A big part of what we do here at Grain Traders is trying to get people to understand their food — sure, our ordering process is similar to what you’d experience at an economic rice stall in a food court, meant to be quick and fast, but there’s so much more time, effort, and love put into each dish than most people would realise. So, we thought, what better way to spread the word than through a fun video?

The most painstaking part of the process was the illustration. Like our food and interiors, we strived to create everything by hand, no matter how long it would take. There were close to 130 frames for three 20-odd second videos to be drawn, but the end product was more than worth the effort put in. 

Then came the day of the video shoot, which saw us all revved up and excited to see our ideas come to life. We even used a metronome so we could match our movements to the beat of the music that we were planning to use for the video. We started with the Apple Kimchi, which forms part of the Mr. Pirom bowl. Green apples are diced, and then mixed with blended kimchi to create this tangy, crunchy, refreshing cold veggie — a strange combination that strangely works, something that you have to try for yourself to understand. 

The mouthwatering Sous-vide and Chargrilled Salmon came next. Our salmon is sous-vide for almost half an hour, at 50 degrees Celsius, and then grilled to perfection. Meant to fall apart at the pry of a fork, we were concerned that it wouldn’t hold up while we were placing it into the Upstream bowl. A bit of improvisation — involving some scraps of cardboard, disposable chopsticks, and lots of masking tape — helped to pull things through in the end. 

Last but not least was the Slow Roasted Pork — marinated for 24hours, slow-cooked, and then pulled apart into luscious chunks — which took much longer to film than we had anticipated. The meat would overflow, or fall onto and cover up the other ingredients in The Beebop bowl, so again, it took a little bit of crafting and engineering to finally manage a perfect take.

The videos were then edited, final touches were added to the illustrations, and everything was pieced together. The crowning glory: some self-composed music that sounds like a call to harvest, and our videos were ready to show to the world. 

We hope you enjoy the videos, and that you learnt a little something along the way. Come give the dishes a go the next time you’re at Grain Traders, and stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the full reveal!