Very often, it’s the people who make the place, and that couldn’t be more true than at Grain Traders. In our little way of celebrating all the people who have come by, shown us so much support over the one-and-a-half years that we’ve been around, and who continuously encourage us to keep on doing what we do, we set up a mobile studio at our CapitaGreen and 100AM outlets to capture some of them in photos.

Each person has their own favourites here at Grain Traders, our founders included. They shared about their go-to combinations in a post we did a while back—Javier’s brown rice, with sous-vide and chargrilled salmon, furikake corn, mixed bean pico de gallo, crudités & coleslaw with kaffir lime vinaigrette, and roasted nut mix, for example. Some of their choices were influenced by childhood favourites: Joshua’s bowl drew on the rice and bean with slow-roasted pork and avocado salad that he grew up on back in the Caribbean. 

In a similar vein we asked some of our fellow traders what goes into their usual bowls in our #MyGTBowl series:

This is a small, simple way of saying thank you to everyone who’s played a part in our journey so far. We definitely hope to be able to meet more of you soon, and that you’ll add to the mix of all the things we love about what we do.

We’d love to find out what your favourites are. Join in by tagging #MyGTBowl in your photos.