If you’ve been checking us out on our Facebook or Instagram, you might have seen us having some fun with what we’re serving up. 

We started out with monthly specials way back at our first outlet, at CapitaGreen, with dishes that were available just for a month. Our first ever special was a Thanksgiving Bowl that we called Pilgrim’s Lunch, made out of turkey breast roulette, stuffed with dried fruits and fresh herbs on a bed of baby spinach, roasted sweet potato, dried cranberries, and couscous. It was topped with corn cake with gravy, apple fennel salad with walnut, sautéed mint green beans with smoked panko migas, and Tahini maple dressing.


Since then we’ve also served up things like a comforting Roasted Mixed Root dish, made with parsnip, purple carrot, and sweet potato, cooked with cumin, coriander seeds and honey; and a cold Long Bean Salad with balsamic baked tomatoes and almonds.

More recently we also had a Morrocan Mutton Tangine, slow-cooked till tender with chickpeas and carrots. October's special also included these Tandoori Prawns, which were so well-loved that we even had requests to keep them on the menu as mainstay items.

This November, we come full circle. Look out for our month-long Thanksgiving Specials at CapitaGreen—home-made Herb Turkey Ham; Roasted Brussels Sprouts with almonds and cranberries; Spinach Dip; Corn Bread; and Berry Chutney—everything that’s festive and homely all at once.

At 100AM, though, things get even more exciting, with surprise dishes that are available just for the weekend. Each week, we try to take fresh ingredients and create new, unexpected flavours that’ll add something even more to love in your go-to bowl.

Some of our favourites so far include this hearty Casserole with chicken sausages, kaffir lime, sweet potato, shiitake mushrooms, and eggs. We also had a satisfying Frittata made with potatoes, caramelised onions, and roasted peppers.

There was also a rich Mutton Rendang with root veggies (sweet potatoes, purple carrots, and baby potatoes) in a coconut gravy, and Roasted Peppers stuffed with quinoa and sautéed shiitake mushroom, a dish that was a little different from our usuals.

Just this month, we also served up Glazed Salmon Meatballs, and Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes with crispy bacon, cream and gula melaka syrup—something on the sweet side for a change.

If you’ve missed these, don’t worry—these one-off specials are part of our never-ending search to serve up #SlowFoodRealFast, and there are just so many ideas that we can’t wait to explore. Keep your eyes peeled and your stomachs hungry, and we’ll see you at Grain Traders again real soon.