At #GrainTraders we’re all about feeding and treating you right with food that you deserve. This month, we’re excited to introduce four new summer salads to our Cold Veggies menu—a great combination when paired with any of our grains and proteins to satisfy both the stomach and the soul. The ingredients for our salads arrive at our kitchen at 7AM daily and are prepared from scratch every morning, which means there’s no compromise when it comes to the freshness of our food.

We sat down with the brains behind these new dishes: Gisela Golding, our executive chef, to bring you a look into what each dish consists of, what they were influenced by, and what you can expect.  

Bean Sprout Salad
Gluten-free (contains Soy), Vegan / 80g per serving

The refreshing Bean Sprout Salad is an update from our classic bean sprout dish—a deceptively simple and a well-loved item on our Grain Traders menu for all who come by for a meal. This salad dish draws inspiration from Asia, with ingredients such as snow peas, Japanese cucumber, red chili, coriander, and sesame seeds. A dressing made of a combination of lemon, soy sauce and sesame oil tops it off for an extra burst of flavour. This refreshing and light Bean Sprout Salad makes for a perfect addition to any of our proteins and grains.

To ensure the dish is served with just the right amount of taste and texture, Gisela says that “the bean sprouts and snow peas are blanched in boiling water and cooled down right after to keep the majority of the nutrients intact.”. “They (bean sprouts) are then mixed with Japanese cucumber, red chili and coriander, and sesame seeds, with the dressing added in only when the dish is served.”

Mixed Tomatoes Salad
Contains goat feta cheese/ 60g per serving

Lovers of our Wafu Tomato dish—you’re in for a treat! We’ve reimagined the crowd favourite to bring you our new Mixed Tomatoes salad made from a combination of green, local, red and yellow, and Roma tomatoes, while basil and feta goat cheese, give the dish more texture and a Mediterranean flavour. We’ve kept our beloved Wafu dressing (soy, sesame seeds, grated onion, and olive oil) for that familiar taste that constantly leaves us wanting for more.  

“If you’re looking for a new dish to complement any of our hot veggies and proteins,” Gisela says, “The Mixed Tomatoes salad is a sure way to go.”

Simple Greens
Vegan, Dairy-free/ 60-80g per serving

Simple Greens is made with baby Romaine lettuce, pomegranate, cranberries, and chia seeds, and drizzled in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sherry vinegar—making it tangy and sweet at the same time.  As the name suggests, the salad is made up of mostly simple greens; the base of this dish will be changed seasonally to offer some variety to our regular customers.

A typical Grain Trader bowl contains a total of 400g of food items ranging from grains, to proteins, hot veggies and cold veggies, and Gisela created Simple Greens to give our guests a lighter and a more plant-based option. “The idea is to provide something that is both easy and fresh to consume for anyone.”

New Potatoes Fennel and Beets Salad
Contains dairy/ 80g per serving

If you’re a fan of anything potato-based, this one’s for you. Our New Potatoes, Fennel and Beets Salad is served with house-made dill ricotta for a wholesome, earthy flavour.  Potatoes aren’t just another form of carbohydrates either: they contain nearly half your recommended daily value of vitamin C, and a medium-sized potato has more potassium then a banana. “Beetroot has always been one of my favourite go-to veggies,” Gisela shares. “I wanted to use the ingredient to create a summer salad that offers something a little different to our customers.”  

There we have it, Summer Salads done the #GrainTraders way! Gather your loved ones and join us for a meal with dishes that are not only refreshing but also unique in their own way. 

These are available at our CapitaGreen (weekdays only) and 100AM (Mondays to Sundays) outlets from 11AM-8PM.

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