The last dish of our 3-part video series, our Slow Roasted Pork, is easily one of the most laborious to prepare. One of our key beliefs at Grain Traders is in feeding people right without compromise, and creating meals with lots of love and care even if it takes a lot of time and effort. 

A good pulled pork, we feel, should be moist, juicy, and packed with the full and robust flavours of its marinade. To achieve that, our first step is to marinate our pork for a full 24 hours, followed by a slow cook. While the former gives it the flavours we love, it’s the latter where all the magic happens. 

Our cut of choice is the pork shoulder. As the muscle slowly roasts and absorbs the marinade, it transforms into the tender juicy meat we’re familiar with, all while holding its shape and bite. After several hours, what greets us on the other side of the pressure cooker is a fragrant, succulent slab of meat that’s ready to be pulled apart, mixed, eaten, and loved. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, give our Slow Roasted Pork a chance the next time you pop by. Whether it’s part of our Beebop Hero Bowl, or paired with other ingredients to form your own unique bowl, we’re certain you’ll love every bite of it.