Director & Founder

Born in Puerto Rico, Javier has been in Singapore for over 10 years, and has harboured a dream of working in F&B ever since he was about 11 years old. Javier opened his first restaurant, Banh Mi, at the age of 28, and then, two years later, he started Raw Kitchen Bar. He created the Kilo group of restaurants three years after that, starting with the original outlet in Kallang, which later grew to include Kilo Orchard, Kilo Lounge, and Kilo Bali. A core idea forms the undercurrent behind each venture: of creating a place that feels like home; a place where people from all different walks and circles of life can come in and feel comfortable. It is this same core idea that Javier brings to Grain Traders: bringing a piece of home into the central business district, but with the added desire to feed and treat people right.



Born in Brooklyn, New York Joshua grew up in the Caribbean, where his first taste of the F&B industry was a job helping out at his aunt’s hot dog cart stand. His father’s side of the family owned restaurants, bars, and clubs in Saint Lucia, and so it almost seems like Joshua was born to do what he does. Joshua was working at acclaimed nightclub Pangaea in Hollywood, Florida before coming to Singapore. Joshua became friends with Javier, just six months after the first Kilo restaurant opened. In his three years at Kilo, Joshua and Javier have gone on to become creative partners, bouncing ideas off each other—that was how the initial idea for Grain Traders
was conceived.


Culinary Director & Executive Chef

Gisela starting cooking at the tender age of 13, making traditional Venezuelan desserts for extra income. A family friend who noticed Gisela’s skills got her into her first internship in a professional kitchen while she was waiting to go to college on a basketball scholarship. The culinary bug bite hard and Gisela chose to move to Spain instead, to pursue her passion by starting culinary school. She stayed in Spain for two more years before going to work in kitchens all over the world, including Dublin, Shanghai, France, Venezuela and Cambodia. Her most recent venture was in Phnom Penh, where she was chef and partner, running Tepui at Chinese House. While there, she met like-minded Javier and was introduced to the idea of Grain Traders (GT), an idea that she then helped to realise by joining as GT’s culinary director & executive chef.


General Manager

In the fifteen years since his first F&B job, Joel has taken on roles covering fine dining, international events and managing government-led initiatives at the Singapore Tourism Board. What began as a means of paying for education grew into a passion for growing people and building sustainable businesses. This shared passion led to a partnership with Javier to take Grain Traders to the next level. Outside of work, Joel is most often found participating in competitive strategy games or trying out new restaurants.